2019 Engineering Summer Intern Programme (Suzhou, China)

Smiths Group

Xinglin Road, 215046, Suzhou, China

About the role

This is a truly unique and exciting opportunity to join a global, publicly trading technology company

About Smiths Group

Smiths Interconnect is a leader in technically differentiated Electronic, RF and Microwave products that connect, protect and control critical systems for the wireless telecommunications, aerospace, defense, space, data centers, medical, rail, test and industrial markets.


We are part of Smiths Group a global technology company listed on the London Stock Exchange and part of the FTSE 100. We apply leading-edge technology to design, manufacture and deliver innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Our products and services – often hidden from view – touch the lives of millions of people every day. We serve a wide range of end markets – from healthcare, energy and petrochemicals through to threat and contraband detection, telecommunications and equipment manufacture. 


With 3,800 people in over 30 facilities globally at Smiths Interconnect, and as part of a global workforce of more than 22,000 people which makes up Smiths Group, Interconnect offers diverse and exciting opportunities at every level. We seek out talented individuals and provide them with the development tools and opportunities they need to make them – and Smiths – successful. People are our one true source of sustainable competitive advantage and we are building an organisation that attracts, retains, develops, engages and inspires the very best. 

史密斯集团在全球拥有22000名员工。作为集团的一部分,英特康在全球开设了28个分支并拥有3800 名员工。正在扩张中的英特康公司将提供激动人心的工作机会和施展才华的平台。员工是我们实现可持续竞争优势的真正来源,我们将尽我所能不断吸引、保留、发展及激励员工。我们期待您和史密斯一起共享成功。

The Engineering Internships Programme

Our Engineering internship programme has been designed for penultimate year students. You will spend 12 weeks gaining hands-on experience within the Interconnect engineering department, contributing to our business and working on real projects. Typical placements could include 2D/3D drafting and design, electrical & mechanical design engineering, radio frequency design, digital software/firmware design, technology simulation & system analysis, material development, industrial engineering, project management and business development. In addition to your placement, 20% of your time will be working on a group business project, expanding your knowledge of Interconnect and Smiths and helping you develop your team work, time management and stakeholder engagement skills. We want you to get a real taste of some of the opportunities you will have if you join us.

我们的工程实习生项目是专为还有一年或者两年毕业的学生设计的。您会有12周的时间在英特康工程部门实践参与具体项目,获得宝贵的实践经验,同时为公司业务作出贡献。我们提供的岗位包括2 d / 3 d绘图和设计、电气和机械设计工程、无线电频率设计、数码软件/固件设计、技术仿真与系统分析、材料开发、工业工程、项目管理和业务开发。除了特定的岗位实践,我们还会分配实习生20%的时间参与史密斯集团的业务项目中, 从而加深对史密斯集团和英特康公司的全面了解。这些将有助于提高团队合作、时间管理和交流协调的技能,为您以后的工作发展添砖加瓦。我们诚邀您的加入!

Our internships are fully assessed with successful candidates being offered a place on our full-time graduate programme where you'll spend two years working in our engineering group on 4x 6 month placements.

优秀的实习生将直接获得毕业后加入公司工程管理培训生项目的机会。工程管理培训生项目是一个4 x 6个月的轮岗项目,有助于您在各类定制化培训和具有挑战的工作中快速成长。

Find out more about Smiths please go through below website https://www.smiths.com /smiths-interconnect.aspx


About You

  • On target for minimum 2:1/ GPA 3.5 in an Engineering degree
  • Excellent Mechanical Engineering background
  • In penultimate year of study
  • Strong interest in engineering as a career with ambitions to continually learn
  • Committed and able to work in a changing environment
  • Self-starter and self-sufficient - will hit the ground running
  • Strong desire to work across a global business 
  • Innovative thinker and problem solving attributes

Applicant Privacy Policy

Smiths Group will use your details for the purpose of processing your application for a role with us. If you are unsuccessful in your application, we will retain your information for a maximum of 2 years. Please be aware that your information may be transferred to Smiths Group offices worldwide for the purpose of meeting our national and international recruitment needs. We may share your information with third parties, who will process the data solely under Smiths Group instruction, for our recruitment purposes.

Please see our Applicant Privacy statement (https://www.smiths.com/-/media/files/smiths-privacy-notice-applicants.ashx) for more information about our collection and use of your personal data.

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